Model - AP22E

50 Hz 3- Phase Power Factor Cos ɸ = 0.8

Perkins 403D-22G Mecc Alte ECO28-1L/4  
Rating Prime Power (PRP) Standby Power (LTP)
Voltage kVA kWe kVA kWe Amps
380 - 415V 20 16 22 18 31,7

Definition of Ratings & Reference Conditions :
Prime Power (PRP) is the nominal output continuously available, where the average load (variable) does not exceed 80% of the prime power rating. 10% overload is available for a maximum of 1 hour in 12 hours of operation.

Standby Power (LTP) the maximum output available (at variable load), for up to 500 hours per year. The average load (variable) must not exceed 80% of the standby power rating. No overload is available. The genset must not operate, at standby rating, in parallel with the public utility under any circumstances. Standard Reference Conditions: air inlet temperature 25°C (77°F), barometric pressure 100kPa [110m(361ft) altitude] and 30% relative humidity.

Notes: The above ratings may be subject to derate at different operating conditions. Please see the Derate Guidelines on the Agen wesite. All power ratings and reference conditions in accordance with ISO 8528-1 and ISO 3046-1. Above ratings are for 400V, 50Hz, Cos ?=0.8

Key Features :
CE certificate
Tropical radiator
Single bearing alternator
Fully guarded engine-driven fan
Radiator matrix guard
Fully welded steel baseframe with lifting / jacking points
8 hour capacity base fuel tank
Heavy duty rubber anti-vibration mountings fitted inboard
Main line circuit breaker
Industrial exhaust silencer supplied loose
Exhaust flexible section
Spin on oil and fuel filters and dry type air filter element
12V starter batteries and connecting cables
Auto Start control system with digital instrumentation
Low oil pressure protection
High engine temperature protection
Overspeed protection
Factory Test Certificate based on ISO8528
Operation & Maintenance Manual

Overal Dimension & Weights - Open Set
Length (L) = 1320mm
Width (W) = 560mm
Height (H) = 1220mm
Weight =560kg

Typical Open Generator Sound Pressure Level at 1m, Free Field (dB)
Overall dBA 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
86 79 81 82 78 72
All specifications and design are subject to change without notice
Technical Specifications
Engine General Data Alternator Technical Data
Manufacturer : Perkins
Country of manufacture : United Kingdom
Model : 403D-22G
Number of cyclinders : 4
Clylinder arrangement : Verdical in-line
Cycle : 4 stroke
Induction system : Naturally aspirated
Combustion system : Direct injection
Cooling system : Water cooled
Engine speed : 1500 rpm
Gross Engine Power : 20.6 kWm
Bore and stroke : 84mm x 100mm
Displacement : 2.216 litres
Compression ratio : 23.3:1
Total lubrication capacity : 10.6 litres
Total coolant capacity : 7 litres

Fuel Consumption
Engine Speed 1500 rev/min 1800 rev/min
g/kWh l/hr g/kWh l/hr
Standby 235 4,7 244 4,1
Prime power 233 4,3 237 3,7
Continuous baseload
75% of prime power 240 2,4 238 2,7
50% of prime power 262 2,4 258 2
25% of prime power
Manufacturer : Meccalte
Country of manufacture : United Kingdom
Model : ECO28-1L/4
Number of bearing : 1
Insulation class : H
Winding pitch : 2/3
Winding leads : 12
Protection : IP23
Excitation system : Self - excited *
AVR model : SR7/2**
Maximum overspeed : 2250 rev/min
Voltage regulation : ± 1.0 %
External voltage adjustment : ± 5 %
Radio interference : VDE 0875 degree K

* The self-regulation is obtained through an electronic regulator. The regulator is fed by an auxiliary winding which guarantees an almost constant supply under any possible operating condition of the generator.
** This regulator is equipped with a low speed and overload protection with an adjustable intervention threshold, it works at 50/60 Hz, it has adjustable voltage stability and it offers the possibility for a remote voltage regulation.

Control Module Specification
Automatic Engine Control Module DSE521K

The Model 521 is an Automatic Engine Control Module designed to automatically start and stop the engine.
It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the engine failure by a flashing LED on the front panel.
Other simultaneous faults are indicated by steady LED.
Operation of the module is via a three position rotary key-switch mounted on the front panel with STOP, AUTO and MANUAL positions.
Remote PC-controlled engine starting and stopping is also featured.

Configurable inputs available for:
* Low Oil Pressure
* High Engine Temperature
* Remote Start.
Alarms & Instrumentations

Multiple alarm channels are provided to monitor the following:
Charge Fail
Emergency Stop
Low oil pressure
High engine temperature
Fail to Start
Fail to stop
Loss of speed sensing

Analogue instrumentations for monitoring are:
Generator ammeters
Generator voltmeter
Voltmeter selector switch
Frequency/rpm indication
Battery charger on/off pushbutton
Engine oil pressure
Engine water temperature
Battery voltmeter
Emergency Stop

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